ISE AMERICA, Inc. is a totally integrated egg laying and production operation.  We have a nearly 6 million layers, as well as our own feed mill and shell egg processing plants.  We also perform further egg processing, including fresh frozen eggs, liquid eggs and hard cooked eggs.

Our facilities are world-class, matching the state of the art for the industry.  Most of our hens are in environmentally controlled houses, directly set up for "in line" processing, from the laying house to the Diamond egg grading equipment.

At each of our processing locations, eggs are reviewed by ISE personnel and by our automatic machines equipped with crack, dirt and blood detectors.

Every egg is washed, sanitized, weighed, processed and packed within hours from the time of lay.  And nearly every facility is state of the art and monitored by full time USDA resident inspectors.

ISE AMERICA, Inc. is one of the largest Direct Store Delivery providers in North America. We have over 25 years experience as a company and over 750 years of employee experience in the egg business.

Our egg facilities operate 365 days a year and our distribution system operates 6 days a week. Our Sales and Marketing team can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



It is our privilege and joy to produce quality products.

Sharing the nurturing of new life.

Everyday let's dedicate ourselves in serving the people of the world.


Greetings from Hikonobu Ise, Chairman:

For nearly 100 years since the Ise corporation was first established, we have studied the development of technology for egg production and food development.  Today, the results of these efforts give people true confidence and a high level of acceptance of the quality of our products, naturally, in Japan and on a global scale, including Ise America. As a food manufacturer there could be no greater pride nor joy for us.

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