Greetings from Hikonobu Ise, Chairman:

For nearly 100 years since the Ise corporation was first established, we have studied the development of technology for egg production and food development.  Today, the results of these efforts give people true confidence and a high level of acceptance of the quality of our products, naturally, in Japan and on a global scale, including Ise America. As a food manufacturer there could be no greater pride nor joy for us.

Our lives are filled with much abundance, and yet, we hear of the great concerns people have for the global environment which have created considerable interest in human ecology and health trends, which also means increased concern about the safety and reliability of the food we eat.

We have always responded very quickly to these kinds of consumer needs and keenly feel that to provide excellent products for your dining pleasure is our mission, the driving force behind the pioneering efforts in the development of functional eggs, including the ISE EGG with DHA.

We appreciate your continued and increased patronage and support.

  • 1912: Started a chicken genetics and breeding improvement business.
  • 1914: Started artificial incubation using electrical heat.
  • 1929: Consolidated farms to cope with the farm recession. Created a venture feed mixing factory and egg shipping plant; jointly managed Sanno Animal Husbandry Association. Received a citation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • 1947: Visited by Prince Takamatsunomiya.
  • 1948: Set a post-war record of 300 eggs with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry at the breeding farm in Okazaki. Received an award from the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • Produced 365 large eggs at the Toyama breeding farm, setting a world record.
  • 1959: Produced 565 large eggs at the Toyama breeding farm, setting a world for the second consecutive year. Received an award for success In Japanese chicken raising and breeding.
  • 1963: Entered a special incubation contract with the America Highline Corporation, the largest chicken raising company in the world at the time, and started producing and marketing Highline chicks. Also built a plant in Konosu, Saitama.
  • 1965: Developed egg farming using the tree egg system (all-in, all-out system).
  • 1966: Expanded the egg division, and started the pullet raising business.
  • 1968: Established Ise Shokuhin Co., Ltd., with headquarters in Konosu, Saitama.
  • 1971: Completed construction and started operations at the GP center plant in Nakaniida, Miyagi prefecture.
  • 1972: Completed construction of the Ise Shokuhin headquarters building. Completed construction and started operations at the GP center plant in Yachio.
  • 1975: Completed construction and started operations at the GP center plants in Yokohama, Osaka, and Ryugasaki.
  • 1977: Completed construction and started operations at the Shikama GP center plant equipped with the largest and most modern facilities in the Far East.  Established the Konosu laboratory (chicken diseases and food inspection factilities) in the Konosu headquarters building.
  • 1978: Started comprehensive operations at the processed foods plants in  Nanao, Osaka, and Ryugasaki.
  • 1980: Constructed and started operations at the frozen food plant in Furudono, Fukushima prefecture.  Established the Ise America Company in New Jersey.  Became No. 2 in the U.S. in sales volume.
  • 1981:Opened the Tokyo office in Kanda Nishiki-cho.  Constructed and started operations at our 1,000 head integrated hog raising farm in Tokuda, Iwate prefecture.  Established our 30,000 head per year hog shipping system, including another hog raising farm in Ibaraki prefecture.
  • 1983: Established Ise America Seaboard Foods in eight U.S. states.  Established the Croton Farm.
  • 1984: Total production and sales volume of Ise America and Ise America Seaboard Foods becomes No. 1 in the U.S.
  • 1985: Moved the Tokyo office to the Ise Shokuhin headquarters building in Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.  
    Completed construction and started operations at the Ogawa GP center plant.  
    Completed Ise America’s New Jersey farm.  
    Set record for egg production volume.  
    Doubled production volumes by expanding the Konosu GP center plant.
    Set all-time record for the company in packaged egg sales volume.
  • 1988; Completed windowless raised-floor regulated environment chicken coops at the Ogawa, Hanna, and Yachio farms.  Simultaneously introduced state-of-the-art, fully automated egg cleaning and sorting equipment in Ogawa, Yachio, and Shikama.
  • 1989: Succeeded in developing the “Ise Egg,” which lowers cholesterol. Succeeded in clinical testing at Kanazawa University.  Started sales at major department stores.
  • 1990: Acquired a 216,000 square foot building at 555 Broadway in the Soho district of New York.  Acquired Colonial Foods in Freehold, New Jersey.  Completely renovated the breaking plant in Newbery, South Carolina.
  • 1991: Established the Tamamura Delica corporation.  Constructed and started operations at a state-of-the-art factory in Tamamura, Gunma prefecture.
  • 1992: Completed and started operations at the Konosu chilled foods factory.  Celebrated our 80th anniversary.
  • 1993: Established the Kazo Ryutsu corporation, started using our new facilities at the Ryugasaki dairy plant, started using the Minosato farm and constructed a new Minosato GP plant.  Moved Ise America headquarters from Freehold, New Jersey to Galena, Maryland.  Acquired Jack Decoster operations in Maryland.
  • 1996: Ise Newberry, Inc. formed and acquired land for the purpose of constructing a layer complex.
  • 1997: Completed the first phase of expansion at the Fukushima plant.  Completed new chilled and frozen food lines.
  • 1998: Began construction on layer complex in Newberry, South Carolina.
  • 1999: Built a hard-cooked plant in Newberry, South Carolina.  Acquired Atlantic Foods in Hemingway, South Carolina.
  • 2001: Began in-line processing at the Newberry complex.
  • 2002: Acquired Egg & I Farms in Lamar, South Carolina.
  • 2006: Acquired Red Bird Egg Farms in Millington, Maryland.
  • 2013: Acquired Newberry Feed and Farm Feed Mill Business
  • 2014: Expanded Hard Cook operations via strategic partnership with Almark Foods.
  • 2020: Discontinued Hard Cook operation with Almark Foods.
  • 2021: Sold Hard Cook operation to Artisan Kitchen to convert to a Cooked omelet operation.